Dr. Ajit R Menon

Dr. Ajit R Menon- Cardiologist at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai

Dr. Ajit R Menon is a Cardiologist associated with Saifee Hospital, Mumbai.

  • Qualification: MBBS, MD
  • Department: Cardiology
  • Experience: NA
  • Other details-NA
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Available at- Saifee Hospital
  • Address– Saifee Hospital, 15/17,Maharshi Karve Marg, Mumbai-4
  • Contact: 022-6757-0111
  • Email– write@saifeehospital.com

You can consult Dr. Ajit R Menon for

  • 2D Echo with Colour Doppler
  • Trans oesophageal Echo
  • Treadmill Test
  • Stress Echo
  • Ambulatory Holter Monitoring
  • Cardiac CT Evaluation
  • Nuclear Cardiac Scan
  • EECP – Enhanced External Counterpulsation
  • Permanent pacemaker implantation (Single or Dual Chamber).
  • Bi-ventricular pacing (Cardiac Re-synchonization therapy, CRT-P).
  • Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator implantation (AICD).
  • Coronary Angiography.

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About Saifee Hospital, Mumbai

Saifee Hospital has completed 15 years of selfless service in medical treatment.

  • 254 bedded multi-specialty healthcare destination
  • World Class Infrastructure
  • ISO Certified, NABL Accredited
  • Latest Technology
  • Highly Skilled Professionals
  • Robotic Surgical System
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Top Healthcare Packages

About Cardiac Care:

  • Aortic Stenosis
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • External Counter Pulsation (ECP) Therapy
  • Chest Pain Unit
  • Coronary Angiography
  • Electrophysiology
  • Coronary Angioplasty
  • Minimally Invasive Coronary Bypass Surgery 
  • Key Hole Bypass Surgery
  • Vascular Surgical services
  • Advanced Cardiac Cath Labs
  • Dedicated Cardiac Operation Theatres
  • Fractional Flow Rate (FFR) 
  • External Counter Pulsation (ECP) 
  • Cardiac Electrophysiology 
  • Stress Test, 
  • 2D Echo, 
  • Tilt Table Testing
  • 64 Slice 
  • Dual Source CT scan
  • Cardiac CAT SCAN 

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